FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE is a fashion jewellery & eyewear brand exploring the diversity of body ornaments via materials, techniques and functions. Fei He, the founder, tends to adopt traditional goldsmith techniques to create contemporary gender-fluid accessories from recycled metal that values versatility, encouraging users to wear their pieces how they please. Multi-functions,Edgy-chicness,Gender-fluidity and Sustainability are the four key elements of FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE’s soul.

Established in 2018, FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE instantly built up its reputation with a striking series of modern jewellery and eyewear which won a Silver A'design Award, got published on magazines such as VOGUE, ELLE, L‘OFFICIEL, Harper’s BAZAAR, Fucking Young, KALTBLUT, PANSY, etc., and later on worn by Olly Alexander. It’s been selected as a “Black Sheep” by NOT JUST A LABEL; three of its collections has been recorded in Swarovski’s 20/21《Gem Visions》and TRENDVISION’s《The Jewellery Trendbook – Forecast 2021+》.  It's FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE's long term goal to constantly bring to more peolple innovative and unique designs.


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