Natural fresh water pearls ( d≈ 10mm )

Ear posts with bullet ear backs

Well polished 'FOLD' alloy of rose gold

Rhodium plated 'FOLD' alloy of rose gold


FOLD originated from a lovely coincidence 3 years ago when I smashed waste paper into the bin, I accidentally brought in a slice of silver foil covered underneath. After expanding it out, I was surprised to find that the metal showed a fascinating texture, which was shimmering after repeated reflection of light. I found it full of charm. After countless metal-mixing and thickness matching experiments, I finally discovered a new rose gold formula, so that each piece of jewellery is large but extremely light, yet strong enough to withhold its volume. As for the white gold jewellery, after delicate polishing, they will be plated in silver then in rhodium in order to secure colour stability.


After a field trip to several major jewellery manufacture factories, I've seen how severely the pollution has harmed the environment which later on encouraged me to recycle metal from unwanted jewellery, offering it a new life, offering our earth a better life. During my study and practice of jewellery making, my position has gradually turned from "I" to "us", I think in an ethical way we jewellers share a responsibility to speak up with our work regarding the wrongs in society and FOLD collection is my statement.


Improvisation is the core of FOLD collection, but it is inseparable from long-term repeated experimentation and exploration. Each piece of FOLD jewellery is delicately handmade by the designer and possesses a unique soul, capturing the viewers’ liquidity of the eye.

‘8’ FOLD earrings with pearls